Christine McArthur : 7 – 24 May 2024

This exhibition of Four Seasons is created from the artist’s completely independent point of view. Ten years of art school life and then teaching instilled in her the concept of the year beginning in September. Christine’s three sisters – teachers and educational librarians – reinforced the timescale of the academic year. The seasons, and their order, have always been important to her, as a cook, as a poet and, most obviously here, as an artist. They control what is available to draw and paint. The annual burst of colour in the new anemones, snow drops and hellebores – winter flowers. Summer poppies, autumn fruits. The pressure to paint them all before they disappear for another year.

JUNE 2024: Gareth Parry : 4 – 21 June 2024

Gareth Parry is back with a stunning new collection of paintings. His seascapes, industrial landscapes, & interior still lives are inspired by his local environment of Wales. Weather and nature play a huge part in what Gareth captures. Gareth has been with Thackeray Gallery for over 15 years, with his work being found in both Public and Private collections worldwide.


JULY 2024: Emma McClure : 2 – 19 July 2024

The subject matter for Emma’s paintings includes animals, still life motifs and landscapes. Since returning to live in Cornwall in 2012, her paintings are often inspired by observations of the area such as farm animals and the landscape of Bodmin Moor and West Penwith which she frequently visits to draw. Sometimes a painting will be based on an image observed by chance such as the on going theme of dogs in cars and dog walkers. Seemingly mundane everyday encounters can provide an image, which is imbued with humour and pathos.