Anna Perlin

  • bluebell woods, perlin, mixed media, canvas


    Early Morning Bluebell Wood

  • orchard, cherry tree, canvas, perlin


    Orchard Cherry Tree

  • Holding onto Autumn, mixed media


    Holding onto Autumn


    Foxglove Woods

  • snowdrops, still life, flowers, art


    First Snowdrops

  • colour, flower, still life, mixed media


    Colour Pop

  • May Bluebells, mixed media, flowers


    May Bluebells

  • Setting Sun, perlin, mixed, trees


    Setting Sun

  • Evening, Reflections, Buttermere


    Evening Reflections (Buttermere)


In Conversation with Anna Perlin, 2021


Anna Perlin, Virtual Tour 2021

Anna Perlin grew up in a small hamlet in the heart of rural Oxfordshire, giving her a love of the countryside and British landscape which inspires much of her work.

Graduating in Textile Design and Marketing in 2001, Anna initially started working in retail whilst exploring her love of painting through joining a local art society and taking part in evening art groups. After starting to exhibit in local exhibitions and winning several best in show awards she realised she didn't want to regret not taking her passion for art further and has been a full time artist ever since.

Her work has been exhibited widely including at the Mall Galleries, and following on from reaching the semi-finals of Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year 2016, Anna won Artists and Illustrators Artist of the Year 2017.

She creates her distinctive work from her studio in Hertfordshire where she lives with her husband and two children.

"Having rolling fields, woodland and the changing colours and seasons on my doorstep is a huge inspiration for me to paint and create. The British landscape is endlessly beautiful and much of my work develops from something catching my eye when out walking- the shapes and colour combinations of branches and leaves, or hedges and fields. I love coming back to my studio to make my own window onto the peace and quiet of the countryside. My aim is that you feel you could step into an Autumn morning or Spring day straight from the room you're in.

Texture has always been an important part of my work and after initially using oil paints impasto; I started exploring collage (chine colle) with collograph printmaking, and then brought collage into my paintings. Working with a mix of media now that incorporates paint, oil pastel, charcoal and collage takes every painting in a different direction.

My textile background, and mum’s love of quilt making, led me to use material as part of the collage in my work which creates wonderful strong textural and colour effects as it soaks up and reflects light in a unique way. The quiet areas of my paintings are just as important though, pulling your focus onto the subject that originally captivated me."

Wren Fine Art, Burford; Mall Galleries, London; Royal Birmingham Society of Artists; Robert Fogell Gallery; Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year; Turner Contemporary Gallery, Margate; Bircham Gallery, Holt; Ayot St Lawrence Art Show. Hertfordshire; Thackeray Gallery, London; Albany Gallery, Cardiff; Childwickbury Arts Fair, Hertfordshire; Watts Contemporary Gallery, Surrey; VK Gallery, Cambridgeshire.