David Klein MRSS SPS

David Klein MRSS SPS, ‘Drawing in Stone’
Behind the Scenes, Anne Marie Butlin, 2020

“Over the last twelve years I’ve had the good fortune to collaborate with Sarah and everyone at the Thackeray Gallery.  It has been a real delight to show my work in this truly intimate space, from my first solo show in 2003 to my most recent in 2013.

During this time, I realise I have developed some distinctive themes – including figures struggling to emerge from the stone leaving much of the natural material unworked to create the tension between the said and the unsaid; through to the simplification of form.  In this work I have tried to refine the harmonies of proportion in a way to make the stone ring and sing.
Finally, with the masculine heads, I have been very influenced by the primitive African sculpture I saw in my childhood which feels so raw and true.

Working with my local limestone I have come to appreciate the material first hand, breathing the dust and gaining a real understanding of the individual nature of this material laid down 200 million years ago under the sea. It feels like carving through time and to reveal the beauty of this sedimentary stone is a real privilege.

I feel proud to continue within the figurative tradition, which I believe can connect us to our ancestors and hopefully will be intelligible to those as yet unborn.”

David Klein, 2015