Iwan Gwyn Parry RCA


Iwan Gwyn Parry was born in Anglesey in 1970.  Iwan completed a BA Fine Art Degree at the Cardiff Institute from 1989 to 1992, where he achieved a First.  He then went on to undertake a Masters in Painting at the Chelsea School of Art and Design, London from 1992 to 1993.  Iwan currently lives and works in North Wales.

Iwan is an artist who has his own powerful and evocative style. As Professor Bryan Hibbard, the President of the Contemporary Art Society for Wales, said in 2009, “Iwan is not interested in painting a nostalgic picture of rural Wales; what interests him is the whole landscape, just like JWM Turner”.  He is an artist that has been included in many ‘picks of young artists with bright futures’.  His dramatic paintings of forests, land, sea, and even a glimmer of underwater visions, all of which show flashes of colour, are fundamentally intense and atmospheric. 

Iwan has been exhibiting in Wales since 1992 in both solo and mixed shows.  He was also part of an Exhibition in Germany in 1999.  Since 1994, Iwan has also been a Fine Art lecturer at Bangor College which he continues to do today.

His work can be found in many public collections, including the Contemporary Art Society of Wales and Anglesey County Council, as well as many private collections in the UK and worldwide.

Iwan Gwyn Parry has been exhibiting with Thackeray Gallery since 2009.