Judith Cain, 80 Years, 2024
Christmas Show 2023
Ethel Walker, Solo Show 2023, The Golden Hours
Vanessa Gardiner, Solo Show 2023, Archipelago
2023, Carey Mortimer, Earths to pigments to paintings
2023, Carey Mortimer, Earths to pigments to paintings
David Atkins, 2023 Solo Show, Live in action
David Atkins, 2023 Solo Show, Sea Paths and City Streets
2022, David Smith RSW, Live painting
2022, Michael Honnor, solo show
Michael Honnor’s 2022, Solo Show
Eleri Mills, 2022, Solo Show
2022, Eleri Mills, Solo Show
2022, Delphine Hogarth & Emma McClure, Joint show
2022, Christine McArthur Solo Show Trailer
2022, Matthew Snowden, Solo Show 
2022, Vivienne Williams RCA, Solo Show
2022, Judith Cain Solo Show
Gallery Artist Christmas Show
2021, Claerwen Holland, Solo Show, Virtual Tour
2021, Ethel Walker Virtual Tour, Solo Show
2021, David Atkins “A Glimpse of Blue”
Carey Mortimer, 2021
In Conversation with Anne-Marie Butlin, 2021
Gallery Artist
2021, Perlin Solo Show Virtual Tour
In Conversation with Anna Perlin, 2021
Exhibition Series: Carey Mortimer
Exhibition Series: Vanessa Gardiner
In conversation with Vanessa Gardiner
Exhibition Series: David Atkins
In conversation with Fiona McAlpine
Gallery Artist Show, 2021
Exhibition Series: Judy Buxton
Exhibition Series: David Smith RSW
David Klein MRSS SPS, ‘Drawing in Stone’
Exhibition Series: Christine McArthur, ‘Journey into Summer’
In Conversation with Christine McArthur
Behind the scenes, Anne Marie Butlin, 2020
New Work, Anne-Marie Butlin 2020
Behind the Scenes, Vivienne Williams, 2020
Behind the Scenes, Eleri Mills, 2020
Behind the Scenes, David Klein MRSS, 2020
Behind the Scenes, Carey Mortimer, 2020
Behind the Scenes, David Atkins, 2020
Behind the Scenes, Jennifer McRae, 2020
Gallery Artists Online 2020
Exhibition Series: Vivienne Williams RCA, ‘Contemplating Colour’, 2020
Judith Cain – ‘Exploring the Rainbow Nation’, 2020
Exhibition Series: Iwan Gwyn Parry RCA – ‘In the footsteps of Turner’s Thames’, 2020
Judith Cain – ‘Exploring the Rainbow Nation’, 2020
Exhibition Series: Matthew Snowden – Turning Edge, 2020
Exhibition Series: Christmas Show, Gallery Artists
Exhibition Series: Ethel Walker – Landscape of Light, 2019
Judy Buxton – watermark, 2018
Judith Cain, Assam to Bhutan-the space between, 2018
Vanessa Gardiner – Linear Edge, 2017
Jennifer McRae – National Portrait Gallery unveiling, July 2016
Michael Honnor – Feeling the Place, 2016
Michael Honnor – Dartmoor River, 2013
Michael Honnor – Hogweed & Honeysuckle, 2015
Carey Mortimer – Asfodelo Dreaming, 2015
Judith Cain – Picturing Japan, 2016
Carey Mortimer – Virtual Tour of Solo Exhibition, 2015
Carey Mortimer – A Glimpse in the Studio 2013